Our Society, S.C.AndoTech S.R.L. is already a known name in the metal furniture market, our customers being some important companies from Romania and from Europe.

We are consecrated, in the last years, as manufacturers of metal parts for various models of chairs, armchairs, tables, in various combinations: metal-wood, metal-leather, metal-glass.

Our accumulated experience has made us decide to become a player in the furniture market, that fully builds their own products.

In addition to our own production capacities, focused on the production of metal parts, we have also gathered producers in leather and wood sub-assemblies. So, at this moment we can provide a flow of products sufficient to meet the demands of an important quantitative market with a high quality.

From a technical point of view, with our collaborators we have the following possibilities:

  • Metal processing – cutting, bending, rolling, welding (inox, aluminum, steel, etc.), mechanical machining (turning, milling, stamping), electroerosion, final treatments (galvanizing, electrostatic painting).
  • Wood processing – making of wooden elements finished in different ways, making wooden tops of different thicknesses, of different essences and with special finishes, from rustic to lacquer.
  • Leather processing – stitching, stitching according to requirements, painting either manual or mechanized. We have top quality leather suppliers, that can provide the required quantities and qualities.

The main asset of our company is that we are extremely flexible in the assimilation of new products, so we can respond quickly to the changes in the market.